• Album: Up in the Air

    Updated on August 30, 2015 20:11

    I like sitting by window when travel by air, and take some photos that cannot be shoot on ground.


  • Album: Hanabi

    Updated on August 02, 2015 11:20

    Every summer, many cities in Japan hold "Hanabi", which is the Japanese word of "firework". Most of these events are held around rivers or beaches, thoudands of people gathered wearing traditional clothes with their friends or lover.


  • Album: Sakura in Tokyo

    Updated on March 29, 2015 22:41

    In the end of March to the middle of April, is the Festival of Sakura in Tokyo. During the time, trees that seems ordinary form into a sea of pink and red. There are many famous places to see sakura in Tokyo, Ueno and Shinjuku are the most famous. Night Sakura, in contrast to the sakura during daylight, also has its impressive beauty.



Understanding Impressionism

Radicals in their time, early Impressionists violated the rules of academic painting. They constructed their pictures from freely brushed colours that took precedence over lines and contours.