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August 17th 2014 11 replies

Let me introduce an interesting thing that I made these days, I called it "Animated Book". The function of it includes, to put it simply, divides a given text file into pages according to several given parameters, and show the file as a real book in the end. You can see the snapshot of a smaple down here, please clike here, or manually enter in your web browser.

In terms of technics, most of the view layer is implemented on turn.js, which provides a fantastic effect of dealing with a real book. However, mostly turn.js was used for displaying images on webpages, where its wonderful effect compromised. All the processing logic is writen in PHP script, up to now it can support all text files, but because it transfers all DBC cases to SBC cases, at present it is not suitable to display files which contains a large percent of English words and numbers. The script may be modified to support DBC cases later.

Actually the thought of making such a thing generated years ago. When I first see turn.js I believe people can make some cool things through it. I did not have much spare time at school so such a plan was soon put aside, recently I got some idea and "just work it out".

Besides, regaring the HTML5 technology, personally I think that the most powerful abilitty of it is not that we can make some cool videos and images instead of using Flash, what really important is that we could unchain the information that tradationally not able to extracted from videos and images, therefore thins such like serach engine could provide us with more valuable info.

One of my roomie in university is glutton for Kung Fu story, he also write some novels on spare time. Once he told me that he was going to put his novel on webpages with effect like turn.js, however, this guy was soon devoted into a venture and give all his spare time to DOTA, it seems that he will not take novel into consideration in a certain time. I am considering deliver this "book" to him when he finish his masterpiece. After all it is important to keep the hobby we have when we were young.

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  4. Mutian

    @超级叶大天才 嗯测试一下以防万一,翻页有三种方法,鼠标拖动四个角,键盘左右键,还有就是直接下面输入页码跳转

  5. Mutian

    @超级叶大天才 另外,你的geniusye.com多久没update了!

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  7. ego

    @Mutian 很棒也很实用的东西!

  8. Mutian

    @ego 多谢啦~!:)

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  10. 睦天

    @超级叶大天才 不错不错,访问速度快了不少,辛苦了~!

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