Article: Before the farewell

June 23rd 2014 2 replies

The commencement will be held on 27th, then we are going to move and say good-bye to school life. Everyday is busy this week, we finally got through the contract of renting, tomorrow is the ceremony of Jun-Zheng Fund, the day after tomorrow is the class party, and the school's commencement will be held on Friday. Parties and gathering are also plenty. Now you can see students wearing baccalaureate gown everywhere in Handan campus, they are busying taking photos. Anyway, people rush in a hurry for parties seems that they won't see each other in the rest of their lives. I prefer waving hands and say "good-bye", cause that feels more easy and comfortable. The more make it grand, the more it seems you are not going to see each other again. A little ironically I think.

Another farewell to friends in Japanese class. From April on, five days a week, the intensive training provides us a solid base for further studying. Of course, it is my classmatas that pushed me to study with such efficiency. Like all other language, the learning of Japanese need practice day by day, which I don't think I could go through without my classmates.

Finally, July 2nd's exam is the last trial. Later, when everything are done, the new life begins.

Salute to the past four years.

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    test from tester

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    Shiny memories never fade. Welcome to my new blog

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